About us

My name is Susanne Lundin and I am a swedish breeder of ragdoll cats. My listed cattery name in FIFe is S*Ace of Diamonds. I live with my husband Mikael, our son Jacob and our cats and dogs, in Bjärred, Sweden, 20 minutes north of Malmö. I also have a daughter, Emma, but she does not live with us anymore.


I am a trained nurse and have been working in heath care for 20 years, but since a couple of years I have been working with animals instead. Today I run a hotel for cats and dogs. That means a lot of work all year around, but since animals are my passion I love every day. When my animals are happy I am as well!


All our cats live indoors, but the ones who like it have access to an enclosure when the weather permits.


I am very careful only to use cats that follows the standard well and have nice temperament in my breeding. All our cats are tested according to the breed clubs recomendations.


It is an incredible experiance to follow the cats lifes and developements from the day they are born until they are ready to leave us. Words can not describe the feeling!


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a kitten from us!


Since 2009-03-05 I am a member of SVERAK (FIFe)

I am a member of following clubs: